This is a title of our new piano piece made for our official region "Chouchou"
which is opening soon this week.

We hope you'll find the beauty in the music and the scenery.

Right now, we're working on making image video of our region,
and it should be coming to public tomorrow.
We'll post it here and everywhere.


How to set Chouchou music to your land's music

To set Chouchou music to your land's music, You need to get "Little Tiara Radio Box" from in-world music store Gyokkodo. It's free.

*How to use the radio box*
1. Rez Little Tiara Radio Box on your land.

2. Choose the types of permission.

3. Touch the crown for the menu.

4. Choose the channel you like.

[Little Tiara1~3] - Podcasting of the latest recording of juliet's radio program "Little Tiara"

[Past] - Podcasting of the past recording of juliet's Japanese radio program "Little Tiara"

[Chouchou] - Chouchou music channel

[Gyokkodo Ar] - In-world Music Store "Gyokkodou" Artists' channel

[Now on Air] - Live radio streaming channel of Radio sapporoSLM

[off] - Turn off the radio box

[reset] - reset the radio box