How to set Chouchou music to your land's music

To set Chouchou music to your land's music, You need to get "Little Tiara Radio Box" from in-world music store Gyokkodo. It's free.

*How to use the radio box*
1. Rez Little Tiara Radio Box on your land.

2. Choose the types of permission.

3. Touch the crown for the menu.

4. Choose the channel you like.

[Little Tiara1~3] - Podcasting of the latest recording of juliet's radio program "Little Tiara"

[Past] - Podcasting of the past recording of juliet's Japanese radio program "Little Tiara"

[Chouchou] - Chouchou music channel

[Gyokkodo Ar] - In-world Music Store "Gyokkodou" Artists' channel

[Now on Air] - Live radio streaming channel of Radio sapporoSLM

[off] - Turn off the radio box

[reset] - reset the radio box

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