"Chouchou" is unlocked

Hi, guys.
Thank you so much for being patient.
Now our official region "Chouchou" is open to public.
It's all yours.

*Recommended Settings*

"Ultra" for graphics

*How to enjoy our region "Chouchou"*

When you enter the region, touch the black flower for "Chouchou cinematic HUD."

Turn the music on.
It's our new piano piece "repose" composed for the region.

Change your "Sky Preset" to anything you like.
(Although we like "Foggy" and "Good for marriage.")
Lots of beautiful Sky Presets can be downloaded from here.
Many thanks to Torley.

Read the instruction notecard and wear "Chouchou cinematic HUD"

And now, you're good to go. Enjoy.

Spring Islamay will be open tomorrow at our live concert,
so please be a bit more patient for that.

Teleport to "Chouchou"

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