Live at Sapporo on Youtube

Now it's on Youtube.


Chouchou Live Video from Sapporo's 1st Anniversary Event

Here's our live video from our last performance at sapporo's 1st anniversary event. The video was shot and edited by tadakuma Koba.

At this show, we used many kinds of image videos with the music, so that the audience played the music and media at the same time to get this new visionary world of Chouchou. The video is pretty long and only spoken in Japanese at this time, but we hope you enjoy the music and atmosphere.

And sorry for my crying at the end of the show. I was explaining about our new piano piece, r.i.p. which arabesque composed for his beloved father who recently passed away from brain tumor. His father taught him piano and the beauty of music.


Chouchou New Releases

*Chouchou new releases*

「TRICKER」 「magnolia」 「kavka」 「r.i.p.」

It is now available at in-world music store Gyokkodo.


We always release two versions for each song. One is MP3 file with normal quality, and the other one is AIFF file with high quality. AIFF file is a lot larger than mp3 file, and you can only play AIFF with your computer. If you'd like to put it into your ipod, you need to encode it to MP3 file. (It can be easily done by iTune.) When you encode it, we recommend encoding with high bitrate. You may also need appropriate equipments like good speakers or headphones in order to feel the difference between them. AIFF version is only available at Gyokkodou.


Chouchou Live at Sapporo's 1st Anniversary Event

We will perform a music concert at Sapporo SIM for its first anniversary of reopening. Since this is a Japanese event, talkings might be only in Japanese, but we hope you will enjoy the music at least. We will do 4 new pieces at the show, 3 new songs and 1 piano piece.

We'll post the LM below.

We're planning to hold some concerts presented by Chouchou sometime soon. We'll post more information about that when we find out, so please check back again.