new video "Chouchou"

Here's our official video of our region "Chouchou" opening soon on April 3rd, 2008.


filmed and music "repose" by arabesque Choche

at region - "Chouchou" created by juliet Heberle + Yuki Aabye

I don't have anything to say.

Just feel the world...


Anonymous said...

I'm grad to watch the new video. It's fantastic and romantic, but I felt solitude, like me alone in the world... I believe the bird will be born again someday, somewhere.

I'm looking forward to meeting you at Chouchou concert in Second Life this week!

Anonymous said...

from Mendo

iota ultsch said...

Well sweet Juliet, you know how I feel about Chouchou!

Your music and machinima for repose is simply sublime.

Much love, your friend iota ultsch xx