Chouchou Live at universe

We'll do two shows this week at Chouchou sim.

And we're going to release our new song "eterna."

1st Act. : 7/2(wed) 6:00am~(SLT)
2nd Act. : 7/4(fri) 8:00am~(SLT)

Location: universe in our region Chouchou


1st Act. and 2nd Act. will be the same content and selection of music, so please choose just one of those dates if you're thinking about coming to our show. If we could take unlimited amount of people into our region, we'd absolutely do that, but unfortunately, that is not possible. In order to show our performance to more and more people, if those of you who will attend our 1st act can pass their seats to other people, we'll very appreciate it. Thank you for your corporation.

*Please touch the ladder to the universe.

*Our region will be closed for a rehearsal 3hours before the show, and it will reopen at 20 minutes before the show.

*We'll set the agent limit to 40 at the beginning and try to gradualy increase the number up to 60-70 depending on the status of the sim.

*For our stage effects, please turn your face light off and detach all the heavy equipments and the attachments with any lighting and particle effects.

*Set the Enviroment Settings to "Midnight."

We'll see you soon at the universe.

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