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We've been working on remastering and remixing all of our music for two months, and now we made them into two albums, "INSOMNIA" and "NARCOLEPSY". All of our songs, espeacially old ones are now beautifully remastered and reborn again. Please check them out.


You can also buy each song separately if you like, but you will save some money and get a little bonus track "in a drowse" and the booklet of artworks and lyrics if you buy albums at Gyokkodou.


Also, only in SecondLife you can get free downloading of one of our song, "sign". (MP3 ONLY)



We release two versions for each song and album in SL. One is MP3 with 256kbps/48KHz normal quality, and the other one is AIFF with 48KHz/24bit high quality. AIFF file is a lot larger than MP3 file, and you can only play AIFF with your computer. If you'd like to put it into your ipod, you need to encode it to MP3 file. (It can be easily done by iTune.) When you encode it, we recommend encoding with high bitrate. You may also need appropriate equipments like good speakers or headphones in order to feel the difference between them. AIFF version is only available at Gyokkodou.

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