Chouchou Live Video from Sapporo's 1st Anniversary Event

Here's our live video from our last performance at sapporo's 1st anniversary event. The video was shot and edited by tadakuma Koba.

At this show, we used many kinds of image videos with the music, so that the audience played the music and media at the same time to get this new visionary world of Chouchou. The video is pretty long and only spoken in Japanese at this time, but we hope you enjoy the music and atmosphere.

And sorry for my crying at the end of the show. I was explaining about our new piano piece, r.i.p. which arabesque composed for his beloved father who recently passed away from brain tumor. His father taught him piano and the beauty of music.


Mendo Planer said...

The record wakes up my memories, that are chouchou's soulful performance and the fantastic romantic shrine (church?).

Thank you for chouchou, tadakuma, and all staff.

I cannot write comments at SLMaMe, because I don't have ID of SLMaMe.

Anonymous said...

It was a beautiful performance and such a beautiful and moving song. I cry everytime I hear it. I can only imagine how moving it is to perform the piece.