Chouchou "The Babel" Trailer


"The Babel"

Opening soon on Oct, 2009.

Introducing Chouchou's sounds lab, "The Babel" which is opening soon on Oct, 2009. We created the process of our sound creations in 3D. "The Babel" is like the core of our music and like the the place where our music comes from.

By touching each box, you hear a little sound of Chouchou. You can mix them anyway you like to create your beautiful music. The boxes are classified into the groups called "elements," and each element has a concept with the specific codes and chord progressions. The tower is divided into levels according to elements.

The music of this video was only made with the sounds from "The Babel." And the video below is a tutorial video for how to play the Babel.


Peter Stindberg said...

Amazing! And of course I like the name :-)

Anonymous said...

Where is this place? I love to visit this new place but I cant find anywhere.. anyway, love your music.

Chouchou said...

Thank you so very much. This place is opening soon, we'll let you know when we find out the specific opening date on this blog. Thank you for loving our music.

Anonymous said...

chouchou region not around now, is it because there willl be a new place? Happy Christmas!