Chouchou "Memento mori" Trailer


"Memento mori"

Opening soon on June, 2010.

This is our official image video of Chouchou's new landmark "Memento mori" at our new region "Chouchou V -The Hierophant-" which is opening in June, 2010.

We're now preparing for the opening concert and expecting it to be at the end of this June. Then we will open all of our 3 regions including "The babel" and "Memento mori" after the concert. Thank you for all the people who waited so long for our comeback. We'll see you soon.


Thessalia said...

I am so amazingly excited and happy beyond words to see this.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

This looks truly beautiful, I do hope you let us in! Every world you create is more exquisite than the last. There are many who miss you, your visions for music, and your visions for spaces in which the music is played.

Anonymous said...

Where are you opening?????? Please hurry!!!!!!