Chouchou Opening Live Concert

Finally, we can announce the date of our opening concert.

Date: July 31st, 2010
Open: 7:00AM (PDT)
Start: 7:30AM (PDT)
Place: Memento mori at Chouchou V

*Live Streaming*




*We'll gradually increase the agent limit up to 60-80 or more depending on the status of the sim. If you can not TP to the location, please wait for a moment and try again.

*The recommended graphic setting is High or Ultra with 512m for draw distance. Depending on your graphic card, you may have difficulties viewing lighting and particle effects during the show. If you experience the situations like this, please try to sit or stand in the front. If that still can't solve the situation, we'll recommend that you also watch the streaming at nitairera to enjoy the show.

*Because of the distance from the seats to the stage, please shout when you speak, so that we can hear you.

*For our stage effects, please turn your face light off and detach all the heavy equipments and the attachments with heavy scripts or any lighting and particle effects.

*All the sims will open right after the concert.

Thank you all for waiting so long.


Anonymous said...

very happy to see this!

Yuukie Onmura said...

...who is going to send the landmark to the concert to whom in which way?

Chouchou said...

We'll post the url on our blog, Facebook and Twitter. And also we'll send the LM through our group "Chouchouholic" to our group members.

xMeimi said...

I will have to join the group! I heard your songs streaming on SL and worked hard to find the name of the group and now I am surprised to see that I have not missed a thing! Lucky~!